November 2015
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Guangzhou Int’l Lighting Exhibition 2015

We are pleased to invite all of you to visit us
at the Hall 11.2 Booth No. D07 for further information.

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Newest DM 2015



Wireless Control Color 18W RGB Track Light



RF dimming main idea

Every lights have 10 memory sets, in other words, they’re able to remember 10 remote controls.

You can wrap up multiple groups as one “general switch” group, enabling you to control the whole area/zone with one single press.

Check the following video for an idea on how to set up groups in your space.  The same concept goes to dimming with mobile phones.

2015 Taiwan International Lighting Show



Our booth no. is M0436, we will be demonstrating our all-new super high Lux track light series and RF dimming products!


Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!!

2015年春節連續假期自 218日至223日止 ,   224日起正常營業

2015年春节连续假期自 218日至223日止 ,   224日起正常营业

Our office will be closed from 2015/2/18 to 2015/2/23  and resume to work as normal on 2015/02/24

2015年2月18日から2015年2月23日まではお休みとさせて頂きます。 2015年2月24日通常通り営業


RF dimming via mobile phones

Part 5 of our RF dimming, this time with your mobile phone!  All you need are RF dimmable lights, a WIFI gateway, and your phone.  As you can see, the user interface is similar to our remote controls.

User interface  equipments

Your phone should be connected to the gateway’s WIFI connection so that commands can be transferred.  Since lights can be controlled without being paired, you might consider pairing your lights in advance.

You can also shift between groups through the “pages” icon on the lower center part, making it more simple for areas with lots of lighting groups.  Here’s a demonstration video with our 7W bulb and 28W track light:

Press here for Youtube link if the above video is not visible

RF dimming with our lights!

Ever wanted to control your lights without moving to the dimmer?
Shinkando’s RF dimable products realizes your dream! All you need is a remote control, offering you the following advantages:
1. No dimmers required, saving install and wire budgets.
2. Range 15~30m, saving more energy with less movements.
3. Dimmable range of 1 – 100%.
4. Can pair-up/un-pair with lights when having different zones.

Please check the following youtube links for a demonstration:

PART 1: Controlling  ;   PART 2: One-to-many ;  PART 3: Paired up

 PART 4: How to pair/unpair

RF remote control